Insights are only as strong as the research they are based upon!

As professionals we design research that asks the right questions in the right way to derive valuable insights into consumer behaviour


To stay competitive, businesses large and small need to know what consumers want, what they like and why they behave the way they do. Trusting your gut won’t cut it. You need to go straight to the source - your consumer.

That’s where we come in!

Sonrissa helps you to connect with consumers, conduct online surveys and gather the data you need, thereby, making market research painless. Sonrissa is an Indian online sampling firm generating high-quality data from engaged panelists. Through our proprietary research community®, we make it incredibly easy to reach target audiences anywhere in India.

We assist quality-seeking researchers, marketers and brands gain consumer & business insights needed to make definitive decisions using market segmentation and target select groups from among our heavily-screened, profiled audience.

Armed with actionable intelligence, you can move forward with confidence.

We are well equipped for all kinds of empirical online studies -

  • Brand awareness, identity and image studies
  • Usage & Attitude Studies
  • Customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Concept and product testing
  • Product feasibility
  • Name and packaging tests
  • Segmentation Research
  • Syndicated Research
  • Advertising & Promotion effectiveness
  • Product and brand positioning studies

We are Committed to Getting it Right, Ensuring Success from the Start.

We want every project to be a success, and everything we do works toward that goal. We will work with you at every step of the process to ensure you have full transparency into your project. Our team is personally invested in providing you with the ultimate customer service experience. No matter the size or type of project, our always-available, experienced team is there to anticipate your needs and provide thoughtful customer care.

With our proprietary panel, state-of-the-art survey management system, customizable solutions and rigorous security, we strive to position ourselves as one of India’s most comprehensive online sample & survey solution provider.


Questionnaire design

Perhaps the most important part of any research is creating quality questions that are tailored to specific needs of a project and are carefully designed to match respondent expectations.

A good survey goes beyond just asking questions. Creating good measures not only involves writing good questions, but also organizing them to form the questionnaire.

Our experienced researchers know what it takes to create a high-quality survey. We know how to ask questions that meet our client’s precise specifications and yield the results they need.

Survey building and hosting

Ease of use is incredibly important and one of our primary points of focus. If the survey isn’t easy to use, panelists struggle and hence put data quality at risk.

Even accurate random sampling and high response rates tend to be wasted if the information is gathered on a shaky foundation.

Our survey programming process is designed to make it as easy as possible for respondents to answer questions so that our clients can trust the data they receive. We help our clients design, brand, host and deliver their surveys using industry best practices.

Data collection and reporting

The primary rationale for preserving data integrity is emphasis on ensuring accurate and honest collection by ’prevention‘ and ’detection‘ of errors in the data collection process.

To verify quality of data, we have a rigorous cross-check process devised. Our goal for data collection is to capture quality evidence that allows analysis to lead to the formulation of convincing and credible answers to the questions that have been posed.

We support our clients with data validation & cleansing, cross tabulations, excel dashboard and custom reporting.

Survey Platform

Engaging your target demographic with appealing, personalized surveys leads to data-driven strategies that attract new business. With our best in class survey-taking experience, we make it easy for users to take your surveys with high completion rates by creating simple, yet insanely powerful surveys.

Our in-house survey design software enables us to create sophisticated surveys perfect for any use case. The platform harnesses a huge range of question types, embedded with multimedia elements that can accommodate any level of complexity. Our survey creating tool is a complete and robust market research platform and its features are at par with any leading survey software provider.

Our market research tool includes the following intuitive features:

Question Flow Logic

Personalizing respondents’ experience with advanced survey logic, like customised branching, conditional question, page skip logic, question & answer piping and more. Questions can be included or bypassed depending on previous answers given.

Multi device responsive

Our surveys are mobile-ready and attractive on any device which makes responding easy. Surveys look great on smartphones, tablets and desktop PCs. Test survey functionality and previewing the UI ensures consistent quality so that nobody’s surprised.

High survey data quality

Reducing data bias by using question/ option randomization. We avoid asking redundant questions; instead pre-populate information we already know, such as age, city or gender. This further ensures data quality by saving participants’ time and effort.

Confidential and secure

Ensuring your confidential survey data is safe and secure so you can rest easy. We value your privacy and hold ourselves to world-class data security standards. We use security and encryption tools to ensure that your data is secure on our platform and in transit.

Our Panel

Sonrissa currently owns and operates®, a proprietary online panel company. This community is a representation of consumers from various states, metro cities, tier two cities and small towns in India.® is an actively managed online panel that provides the market research industry with credible & actionable data. A dedicated panel management team is employed which is solely focused on surveillance and expansion of the community. Further, we have engineered a panel experience like no other. A real-time incentive program and a high‐touch approach, enables to keep the panelists active, engaged and willing to participate.

Recruitment and Sample blend
Our diversified recruiting techniques employed through the SaySO® community increases the probability of connecting with broader, more difficult to reach consumer profiles and ensures consistency. We enjoy a much higher rate of uniqueness and quality in our panel due to our blended recruitment approach. Through the use of online advertising, our robust referral program as well as phone-verified offline samples, we are able to generate a comprehensive panel.

Our audience represents a wide spectrum of consumer sample groups. Whether you need cereal purchasers in Delhi, tech decision-makers in Bangalore or beer drinkers in Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh, we have a greater scope and feasibility of finding your ideal audience.

Sample Quality and Fraud detection
Maintaining quality in a sample has always been an issue faced by both market research and sample companies. It requires vigilance and a systematic approach to screening, registration, survey design and member management.

We are focused on layering in dozens of mechanisms to curb online malicious behaviors. These layers are dynamically changing to outsmart even the most sophisticated fraudsters. Our panel management team has developed a model that assesses quality on an ongoing basis and we never stop evaluating panelists.

Visit® SaySO® amalgamates strict panel registration and survey participation rules and controls to create a high-quality panel. On joining our panel, every respondent goes through a rigorous and extensive set of security procedures -

  • We utilize IP checking and other machine-level information to screen out suspicious panelists.
  • We employ over twenty variable checks designed to test authenticity.
  • We capture phone number and perform outbound caller verification.
  • We apply custom-designed trap questions to help test sincerity.
  • We use digital fingerprinting to identify potentially fraudulent respondents based on their real‐time information.

We strictly adhere to our fraud identification system to ensure our panel produces reliable results. We are certain that the combination of these practises will warrant a level of security that is critical in providing the highest degree of data integrity.


We’ve gathered all of our resources in one place for quick and easy access. This is to ensure you have every piece of information needed when starting a new project with us. Below you’ll find our panel profile and Esomar 28.

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SONRISSA Inc is a market research firm with a focus on delivering web-based survey solutions and panel solutions to organizations, brands, manufactures, research companies, consulting firms, advertising agencies and individuals. We help our clients to answer relevant questions, gather the insights they need, evaluate outcomes and make more informed decisions.

We strive to make our processes powerful enough for professional research projects and pack our solutions with our paramount knowledge. With our experience in survey methodology and web technology, you can be confident in the quality of the data you receive.

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